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Covid-19 Policy


At Bacaro we are adhering to the standard government guidelines in our restaurant.  These requirements and precautions are set to make you and our staff as safe as possible whilst still enjoying your experience.

Cleaning Procedure

In addition to our existing (pre-COVID-19) cleaning supplier, Bacaro is now using the latest products in decontamination and sterilisation, killing off 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

The chemicals that are used are laboratory tested and clinically proven to not be harmful to humans, animals or electrical appliances once on any surface in our restaurants. The company we are using has recently cleaned interiors of NHS ambulances. We are committed to using best practice to look after your health in a clinically proven way.

Bacaro Standards

Your visit to Bacaro:

 Indoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (including support bubbles), while outdoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (or support bubbles), or a group of at most six people from any number of households covered by current government guidelines.

The restaurant will undergo a cleaning process before opening, and once fully opened these processes will be carried out at regular intervals and at turnovers of covers.

Hand sanitisers will be made available upon arrival, on every table and washrooms in the restaurant.

A two metre spacing between tables will be mandatory, ensuring you and your party are two metres away from other diners. Social distancing between guests dining together will be implemented in our venue in line with government guidelines.

We will maintain social distancing 2m, and 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable from customers when taking orders from customers.

We will have no customer self-service of, cutlery and condiments to reduce risk of transmission. For example, providing cutlery and condiments only when food is served and resetting tables.

Minimal contact between front of house workers and guests at points of service where appropriate. For example, using tables between tills to maintain 2m between the team and guests (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable).

We will adjust service approaches to minimise staff contact with guests.

Outdoor table service will also be carried out, also in guidance of social distancing between staff and other diners.

We will provide clear guidance of rules and regulations on expected customer behaviours, social distancing and hygiene to people on or before arrival, in online bookings, our website and on-site signage. Our guests must understand that failure to observe safety measures will result in service not being provided and asked to leave the premises.

Police and the local authorities have the powers to enforce requirements in relation to social distancing and may instruct guests to disperse, leave an area, issue a fixed penalty notice or take further enforcement action.

We will be keeping a record of all guests and visitors for 21 days as requested by the government to assist in the track and trace scheme.

All doors will be open where possible to avoid ‘contact’ contamination.

The Bacaro Team

All members of the Bacaro team will ensure their hands are washed/sanitised upon leaving their house and immediately once arrived at work.

All members of the Bacaro team will have temperature checks before their shift starts.

All members of the Bacaro team will be serving designated zones of the restaurant, to reduce risk of cross contacting with other members of staff and customers.

Sanitiser hand pumps will be installed on walls at all front and back of house staff entrances.

All members of the team will be trained to answer any questions in guidance of government laws implemented for safety within the restaurant.

All of the team involved with service of food or drink will be required to wear government standard/approved PPE whilst working.

All team members will wash and sanitise their hands no less than every thirty minutes.

No use of mobile phones will be permitted whilst at work, including front of house, back of house and for managers.

All staff who use a till computer, keyboard, mouse or phone in any form of office environment for the purpose of work will be required to sanitise each of the listed items before and after use each day.

Checklists will be in place for each area of kitchen, and front of house and to be  used for every clean down before shift ends.

Service & Dining Standards


Our reservation process is here to help you with bookings in our restaurant.

We have taken safe precautions for front and back of house to ensure that both you and our team can enjoy working and dining in our venue with absolute certainty that all safety measures and good practices have been implemented. More information can be found on our website and is subject to regular changes and amendments as per government advice.

Our team will be happy to talk you through the extra measures that we have taken to control your safety.

We will stagger all dining times to avoid queuing to keep in line of social distancing.

All parties of 6 and below will be asked to remain seated at all times to reduce the risk of transmission and minimise contact with staff and other customers on the premises.

Standards & Due Diligence

Menus will be replaced with disposable A3 paper place setting menus with a drinks and wine menu on the reserve side of your place setting.

Menus will be available online

Unnecessary items at each place setting have been reduced to avoid contamination.

Water and wine glasses will be set on your table upside down.

All wine bottles will be sanitised before serving to your table.

Daily due diligence paperwork will be completed to ensure the cleanliness of the premises and to reduce risk of spreading.

Hourly toilet checks will be completed to replace any toiletries if necessary and cleanliness of all wash areas.


All tables and chairs will be sanitised before and after your visit.

Wine buckets and stands will be sanitised after each use.

Food & Drink Service

Only two plates will be carried by our staff at any one-time, napkins will be used to carry plates to tables to reduce risk of transmission.

Settings are refreshed for your table with new cutlery and a new, disposable paper napkin for dessert service.

Bill Payments

Our table bills will be brought by trays.

Cashless payment will now be our standard with cash still be accepted.

**Due to the ever-changing landscape surrounding Covid-19 and the ongoing government updates and amendments, these newly amended precautionary measures are subject to change frequently and at any given time depending on government guidelines, advice and updates**