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Our Menu

We have taken time to make sure that our menu is everything we love about Italian food; so we can serve you our favourite, mouthwatering meals.


Five Cheese Fondue (GF) - £7.95

Wyke farm cheddar, mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and rosary goats cheese served as a silky fondue with warm toasted breads.

Goats Cheese Bruschetta (V) (N) (GF) - £7.95

Roma tomato and goats cheese bruschetta, served on toasted ciabatta with garlic, parsley and truffle oil.

Scallop Saltimbocca (GF) - £12.45

Pan seared scallops, wrapped in Parma ham and cooked in a sage butter, served with a light celeriac purée.

Crispy Chilli Calamari - £8.95

Chilli calamari lightly dusted in cajun spice, paprika and smokey chilli powder.

Fillet and Porcini Arancini - £9.95

Our flavoursome marinated fillet, mixed with rich porcini mushroom, shallot and confit garlic. Served with a truffle and shallot rocket salad.

Olive and Sun-dried Tomato focaccia (V) (Ve) - £7.45

Rich, fresh and flavoursome focaccia made in house, served with a selection of dips.

Sharers & Sides

Double Up Fondue (V) (GF) - £14.95

Served with olives, sundried tomatoes, toasted breads and balsamic.

Warm Dough and Burrata Tear - £16.95

Freshly rolled stone baked garlic tomato bread with a shallot and rocket salad and a creamy helping of fresh burrata, seasoned and drizzled with house pesto.

Add prosciutto - £1.50.

Bacaro Pizzette Board (V) - £16.95

3 freshly rolled mini pizzas of your choice. Served with salad, fries and olives to share.

Fries (GF) (V) - £4.00

House Salad (GF) (V)- £4.95

Olives to share (GF) (V) (Ve) - £4.95

Cheese and Garlic Fries (GF) (V) - £5.50

Cheese and Pesto Fries (GF) (V) (Ve) - £5.50

Fresh Baked Garlic Bread (GF) (V) (Ve) - £7.50

Baked Mozzarella Garlic Bread (GF) (V) (Ve) - £8.25


Margherita (V) (Ve) - £12.95

Tomato base, cheddar, mozzarella, basil.

Pepperoni - £13.95 - £13.95

Tomato base, cheddar, mozzarella, pepperoni. 

Le Carni - £14.95

Tomato base, cheddar, mozzarella, meatballs, chicken strips, pepperoni and pancetta. 

Funghi and Olive (V) (Ve) - £13.45

Tomato base, oyster mushroom, olive tapenade and spinach. 

Prosciutto, Fennel Sausage and Egg - £13.95 

Tomato base, cheddar, mozzarella, prosciutto, fennel sausage and egg.

Minted Lamb Meatball Pizza - £13.45 

A rich spicy harissa base, cheddar, mozzarella and minted lamb meatballs.

Spinach, Olive and Wild Garlic Pizza (V) (Ve) - £12.95

Tomato Base, cheddar, mozzarella, spinach, olive tapenade and garlic. 

Balsamic onion, Chilli Jam and Goats Cheese Flatbread (V) - £12.95

Served with a rocket and shallot salad.


Pan Seared Bass Carbonara (GF) - £18.45

Our classic carbonara, in a dill and leek sauce, with locally sourced seabass. 

Classic Carbonara with Chicken and Pancetta (GF)- £16.95

Served with spaghetti in a rich creamy sauce with parmesan, shallot and parsley. 

Bolognese Pappardelle - £16.45

Our rich beef ragu, served with a helping of pappardelle ribbon pasta. 

Lasagne Al Forno - £18.45

Layers of beef ragu and béchamel topped with mozzarella and baked to order. Served with a shallot and parmesan salad. 

Pesto and Roma Tomato Pasta Bake (V) (Ve) (N) - £15.45

Our vibrant pesto, cherry and sundried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts. Tossed in penne pasta. 

Harissa Smoked Lamb Meatballs (GF) - £16.45

Served in a rich, spicy harissa sauce and spaghetti.

Add Goats Cheese - £1.50


Welsh Lamb Shank Risotto - £19.95

With a minted lamb and shallot glaze. 

Balsamic, Truffle and Maple Fillet Beef Risotto – (N) £18.95

With rich garlic and pesto arborio, toasted shallot, parmesan and pine nut. 

Corn Fed Chicken Saltimbocca Risotto - £16.95

Chicken wrapped in Parma ham and served on a bed of rich flavoursome arborio. 

8oz Fossil Farm Fillet Mignon (GF) - £23.95

Pan seared fillet, cooked to your liking, in a rosemary and thyme butter. Served with porcini and balsamic peppercorn sauce, fries and salad. 

Chicken and Prosciutto Saltimbocca (GF) - £18.45

A succulent corn fed chicken supreme, wrapped in prosciutto, pan seared and cooked in a rich chicken and sage butter. Served with fries, harissa hot sauce and salad.


Toasted Panettone (V) - £7.95

Served with salted caramel ice cream and fresh fruit. 

Double Chocolate Brownie (GF) - £7.95

Served with vanilla ice cream, brownie dust and berries. 

Vanilla Panna Cotta (GF) - £6.45

Served with a ginger and pineapple salsa. 

Apple and Oat Crumble (Ve) - £7.45

Served with a choice of cream, ice cream or custard. 

Choice of Gelato & Sorbet (V) (Ve) (GF) - £6.25

3 scoops, please ask for our current flavours.


Lemon, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Elderflower, Double chocolate, Vegan chocolate


Maple and Walnut, Mint Choc Chip, Strawberry Seduction, Salted Caramel, Double Chocolate, Banana Chocolate