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Our Menu

We have taken time to make sure that our menu is everything we love about Italian food; so we can serve you our favourite, mouthwatering meals.


Goats Cheese Bruschetta (v) (gfa) (n) - £7.95

with fresh roma tomatoes, finely diced red onion, a touch of truffle, creamy & tangy goat cheese, and crunchy ciabatta slice.

Scorched Cherry Tomato Bruschetta (v) (ve) (gfa) - £7.95

with a deeply roasted cherry tomato purée and a fresh mix of sun-dried, Roma and yellow cherry on a crisp ciabatta slice.

Sticky Maple Harissa Carrots (v) (gfa) - £7.95

Our sweet and spicy stovetop glazed carrots served on a rich garlicky roasted hummus with coriander and orange zest.

Bacaro Five Cheese Fondue (v) (gfa) - £8.45

An oozing mix of wyke farm cheddar, local mozzarella, fresh parmesan, creamy Italian gorgonzola and our rosary goats cheese served with warm breads for dipping. Look out for our double up and steak fondue!

Harissa Minted Lamb Meatball (gfa) - £7.95

Our delicate but fiery hot sauce with a succulent minted lamb meatball served with warm breads and parmesan cheese.

Crispy Chilli Calamari - £8.45

Our original calamari with lime mayo. Now loaded with chilli, onion and pepper.

Lyme Bay Mackerel Pâté (gfa) - £8.45

A creamy, zesty, dill infused, seasoned mackerel pate served with warm crusty breads and salty butter.

Sharers & Sides

Roasted Garlic Pizza (v) (ve) (gfa) - £6.95

Roasted Cheddar and Mozzarella Garlic Pizza (v) (ve) (gfa) - £7.95

Olives (v) (ve) (gfa) - £4.45

Olives and Rosary Goats Cheese (v) (gfa) - £5.45

Fries (v) (ve) (gfa) - £4.45

Cheese and Garlic Fries (v) (ve) (gfa) - £5.95

Pesto Parmesan Fries (v) (ve) (gfa) (n) - £5.95

Loaded Bolognese Fries (gfa) - £9.95

Loaded Spiced Meatball and Pancetta Fries (gfa) - £9.95

Burrata Tear Pizza + Prosciutto £1.50 (gfa) £15.95

Freshly baked garlic and tomato pizza base topped with an oozing portion of Burrata, crisp rocket, shallot and Parmesan.

Double Up Fondue (v) (gfa) £14.95

Double the fondue, double the breads.

served with olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

Sticky Stove Top Carrots, Roasted Hummus (v) (ve) (gfa) - £14.95

Served with warm flatbreads.


Aglio E Olio (v) (ve) (gfa) (n) - £15.95

A punchy flavoursome dish from Naples combining crushed chilli roasted garlic and parmesan with spaghetti and olive oil. Add pancetta and pine nut £2.50. Add garlic ciabatta £1.50.

Red Pesto and Roasted Tomato Penne Bake (v) (ve) (gfa) - £15.95

A smokey red pesto and cherry tomato penne pasta bake with coriander and lime topped with mozzarella. Add garlic ciabatta £1.50

Bolognese Pappardelle (gfa) - £16.95

A rich beef ragu cooked traditionally with a soffritto, folded through pappardelle pasta finished with parmesan and parsley. Add garlic ciabatta £1.50

Creamy Chicken and Pancetta Carbonara (gfa) - £16.95

Our silky parmesan and pepper sauce with succulent chicken and pancetta tossed in spaghetti and finished with parmesan, parsley and crispy shallot. Add garlic ciabatta £1.50

Seared Lyme Bay Bass and Prawn Linguine (gfa) - £21.95

Roasted chilli, ginger and garlic tossed in linguine with locally sourced seafood finished with lemon, dill, parmesan and crispy shallots. Add garlic ciabatta £1.50

Smokey Double Smash Burger (gfa) (n) - £21.95

Parmesan crisp, piquillo pepper, crispy cos lettuce with our double smash beef burger on an harissa brioche bun served with pesto parmesan fries. Add prosciutto £1.50

Fossil Farm Fillet Beef (gfa) - £26.95

Choose between our “steak fondue” with breads, fondue and fries or our “fillet and fries” with fries, peppercorn sauce and a crisp parmesan, shallot and rocket salad.

Short Rib Risotto - £22.95

Beef fat roasted carrot risotto served with a mighty short rib falling off the bone, a fresh beetroot purée and scorched shallot.

King Prawn Calamari Risotto - £19.95

King prawn and calamari turmeric and chilli risotto finished with dill, lemon and parmesan.

Roasted Beetroot Risotto - £17.95

A earthy roasted beetroot risotto with dill, ricotta and chive finished with parmesan and black truffle dressing.

Avocado Caesar Salad (v) (gfa)– £13.95

A creamy, roasted garlic caesar dressing, fresh romaine and cos lettuce, chickpea croutons, parmesan and fresh avocado.

Add grilled oregano chicken - £3.00


Margherita (v) (ve) (gfa) - £12.95

A fresh & light option. Tomato base and mozzarella.

Pepperoni (gfa) - £13.95

A signature smokey special with aged pepperoni.

Le Carni (gfa) - £14.95

Our meat feast pizza made up of pepperoni, pancetta, meatball and tender chicken.

Pastrami, Pickle and Honey (gfa) - £14.95

Our take on a reuben pizza. Sweet honey, tangy diced pickle and peppery pastrami.

Chicken, Harissa and Pancetta (gfa) - £14.95

Juicy chicken and salty pancetta beautifully balanced with a smokey harissa base and fresh mozzarella.

Fungi and Olive (v) (ve) (gfa) - £14.45

Earthy garlic roasted oyster mushrooms, olive tapenade and wilted spinach served on a tomato base.

Tomato and Goats Cheese (v) (gfa) - £14.45

Our tomato and goats cheese bruschetta on a pizza finished with balsamic and crispy shallots.

Beetroot, Fig and Goats Cheese (v) (gfa) - £14.45

Roasted beetroot, beetroot purée and creamy rosary goats cheese and a soft garlic bread finished with crispy shallot and chives.


Triple Chocolate Brownie (v) (gfa) - £7.95

Served with chocolate salted caramel gelato and fresh fruit.

White Chocolate, Pistachio and Raspberry Cheesecake (v) - £7.95

Served with berry compote.

Brownie, Banana and Toffee pizza (v) - £7.95

Served with fresh fruit, salted caramel gelato and biscuit crumb.

Sicilian Lemon Panna Cotta - £7.45

Served with berry compote and ginger crumb. £7.45

Affogato Gelato Sundae (v) (ve) - £7.95

Served with brownie, biscuit crumb, toffee sauce and chocolate gelato finished with a shot of espresso coffee.

Add Frangelico - £3.50